Mission Mission Sea Mission Avcom Mixed Mission
This mission involves both Avcom and Ship combat at various stages.
Too Perfect
Nation: Spain-Crest
Career: All
Location: Spain-Crest Havana
Level: This is a level 50 mission, and becomes available at character level 45. 50 This is a level 50 mission, and becomes available at character level 45.
NPC: Spain-Crest Carmela el Moro
Rewards: Dubloons icon 1380 Doubloons
750 Experience
The House of Trade: Gain 100 points
Previous: The Trail of Corruption
Next: The Heart of Corruption
Information based on version ... Current game version is

Your contact has grown suspicious of Salomon Zabala - she suspects he is the one that's involved in the embezzling scheme. Now she needs you to board an outgoing ship to look for proof.

Mission Notes

This is mostly a swashbuckling mission, even though you start it in your ship. You will see three non-hostile level 50 ships ahead of you, one House Trader and his escorts. Sail up to the Trader and talk to him. At this point his escorts will turn hostile, but you can click on the Trader again immediately to board the ship.

Once aboard, you will be attacked by a few crewmen (also level 50). Defeat them and go onto the aft deck to talk to the Captain. Talk to him and then defeat him when he turns hostile.

Mission Objectives

  • Meet with the Allied Ship
    • Defeat the Captain

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