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Plunder (skill)
Smuggled Cargo
Careers Freetrader
Skill Trees Smuggling (Freetrader)
Smuggling (Buccaneer)
Target self
Range n.a.
Duration Passive
Morale Cost n.a.
Reset Timer n.a.
Cooldown category none
Level Freetrader Level 3
Buccaneer Level 3
Skills Freetrader requires Ranging Shot
Buccaneer requires Tack Upwind
(this info is based on version

Passive skill. Reduces the quantity of goods given up when you surrender by half. The target of your surrender is not told of the quantity decrease. Also buffs open sea speed, stealth and spotting

Passive skill. Reduces the amount of cargo lost when you surrender. Also buffs open sea stealth.



Bonus Amount
Stealth, Open Sea +15%
Stealth, Open Sea -105
Spotting Other Ships +60
Maximum Ship Speed, OS +5%
Surrendered Loot -50%


Bonus Amount
Stealth, Open Sea +5%
Stealth, Open Sea -21
Surrendered Loot -75%

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