Mission (repeatable) Mission Sea Mission Avcom Mixed Mission
This mission involves both Avcom and Ship combat at various stages.
Mission Solo Solo Mission
This mission may only be completed solo.
Shovel Ready
Nation: Britain-Crest France-Crest Spain-Crest Pirate-Crest
Career: All
Location: Bahamas
Level: This is a level 50 mission, and becomes available at character level 45. 50 This is a level 50 mission, and becomes available at character level 45.
NPC: Simon Jones
Rewards: Dubloons icon 16000 Doubloons
1440 Experience
Hexham's Figurehead
Various Loot items
Previous: Treasure Map
Next: As Promised
Information based on version Current game version is

Black Flags and Dread Saints, Chapter 4

You have the map, the lens, the cypher, and Zoe's notes.

After all, what could possibly go wrong now?

Mission Notes

Your ship and mates will be waiting for you in Cat Island, once you finish.

Mission Objectives

  • Defeat the Dread Saint Ambush: 0/3
    • Beach Your Ship Before She Sinks.
  • Speak with your ship's First Mate about making repairs
    • Scout the Opposite sure
    • Return to Camp
  • Give Orders to your Crewmates

Note: Your Gunner and her crew do not hold their position, but wander back to the camp instead.

    • Follow Map and Dig Up the Treasure.
    • Return to your Ship
  • Defeat Thomas Cocklyn in ship combat

Shovel Ready Map
Sandy Beach

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