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Type Shipwright Material
Weight 2
Produced By Knot Rigging
Used By Colossal Double-Weave Sails

Colossal Lightweight Rig
Colossal Nimble Rig 2
Colossal Reinforced Rig
Colossal Runner's Rig
Colossal Speed Rig 1
Colossal Speed Rig 2
Colossal Stealth Sails 2
Colossal Swift Rig
Colossal Tight Weave Sails
Colossal Tough Sails 1
Colossal Tough Sails 2
Huge Square Rig
Large Fore-and-Aft Rig
Large Square Rig
Medium Fore-and-Aft Rig
Medium Square Rig
Small Fore-and-Aft Rig
Small Square Rig
Tiny Fore-and-Aft Rig
Huge Agile Rig
Huge Double-Weave Sails
Huge Extra Trysail Rig
Huge Lightweight Rig
Huge Nimble Rig 1
Huge Nimble Rig 2
Huge Nimble Rig 3
Huge Reinforced Rig
Huge Runner's Rig
Huge Speed Rig 1
Huge Speed Rig 2
Huge Speed Rig 3
Huge Stealth Sails 1
Huge Stealth Sails 2
Huge Stealth Sails 3
Huge Swallow's Sail Rig
Huge Swift Rig
Huge Tight Weave Sails
Huge Tough Sails 1
Huge Tough Sails 2
Huge Tough Sails 3
Large Agile Rig
Large Double-Weave Sails
Large Extra Trysail Rig
Large Lightweight Rig
Large Nimble Rig 2
Large Nimble Rig 3
Large Nimble Rig 4
Large Reinforced Rig
Large Runner's Rig
Large Speed Rig 1
Large Speed Rig 2
Large Speed Rig 3
Large Speed Rig 4
Large Stealth Sails 2
Large Stealth Sails 3
Large Stealth Sails 4
Large Swallow's Sail Rig
Large Swift Rig
Large Tight Weave Sails
Large Tough Sails 1
Large Tough Sails 2
Large Tough Sails 3
Large Tough Sails 4
Low Profile Rigging 2
Low Profile Rigging 3
Medium Agile Rig
Medium Double-Weave Sails
Medium Extra Trysail Rig
Medium Lightweight Rig
Medium Nimble Rig 2
Medium Nimble Rig 3
Medium Nimble Rig 4
Medium Nimble Rig 5
Medium Reinforced Rig
Medium Runner's Rig
Medium Speed Rig 1
Medium Speed Rig 2
Medium Speed Rig 3
Medium Speed Rig 4
Medium Speed Rig 5
Medium Stealth Sails 2
Medium Stealth Sails 3
Medium Stealth Sails 4
Medium Stealth Sails 5
Medium Swallow's Sail Rig
Medium Swift Rig
Medium Tight Weave Sails
Medium Tough Sails 1
Medium Tough Sails 2
Medium Tough Sails 3
Medium Tough Sails 4
Medium Tough Sails 5
Optimized Rigging 2
Optimized Rigging 3
Optimized Rigging 4
Small Agile Rig
Small Double-Weave Sails
Small Extra Trysail Rig
Small Lightweight Rig
Small Nimble Rig 2
Small Nimble Rig 3
Small Nimble Rig 4
Small Nimble Rig 5
Small Nimble Rig 6
Small Reinforced Rig
Small Runner's Rig
Small Speed Rig 1
Small Speed Rig 2
Small Speed Rig 3
Small Speed Rig 4
Small Speed Rig 5
Small Speed Rig 6
Small Stealth Sails 2
Small Stealth Sails 3
Small Stealth Sails 4
Small Stealth Sails 5
Small Stealth Sails 6
Small Swallow's Sail Rig
Small Swift Rig
Small Tight Weave Sails
Small Tough Sails 1
Small Tough Sails 2
Small Tough Sails 3
Small Tough Sails 4
Small Tough Sails 5
Small Tough Sails 6

The hemp rope, blocks and pulleys necessary to manage the spars and sails. Every ship is positively entangled with rigging.

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