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A system of categorization used by the British Royal Navy to classify ships in order of their effectiveness in line of battle based primarily on their number of guns from the late 17th century until the beginning of the 19th.

Rating system, 18th centuryEdit

Type Rate Guns Decks Examples in PotBS
Ship of the line 1st 100 or more 3 Victory, Indomitable
2nd 82 to 98 3 Sceptre, Formidable, Terror
3rd 62 to 80 2 Valiant, Wenden, Lion, Centurion, Treason
4th 42 to 60 2 Alexander, Mordaunt,

Reason, San Fernando, Poseidon, Macedon

Frigate 5th 30 to 40 1 Capricieux, Conquistador, Defiant, Deliverance, Hercules, Minerva, Myrmidon, Raa, Stralsund, Tigre
6th 20 to 28 1 Arcadia, Cerberus, Postillionen
Sloop-of-war Unrated 16 to 18 1 Corsair, Cruizer, Dromedary, Hermes, Lexington, Locust, Mystique, van Hoorn
Gun-brig or Cutter 6 to 14 1 Atlas, Bermuda, Chaleur, Curieuse, Dolphyn, Halifax, Jamaica, Limburg, Mediator, Otter, Renard

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