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Open SeaEdit

We said that NPC aggro was significantly reduced in build 27.x but we were wrong. Now it really has been reduced. Every time you enter the Open Sea, you have a grace period during which NPCs will not attack you.

Economy Edit

  • Adjusted labor for all recipes with labor greater than 3600 seconds. Essentially, all labor costs decreased one 'step', where a step is an arbitrary interval of time. For instance, 4-hour recipes became 3-hour recipes, and 18 hour recipes became 12 hour recipes.
  • The advanced fine cheese recipe was still killing cows. Brought it in line with the basic version, sparing many cows a terrible cheesy fate.
  • Added the large hull recipe to the medium and advanced medium shipyards. Whoops.
  • Added medium hulls to the basic and advanced small shipyards. Whoops again.

PvP Edit

  • The PvP Flag turn-on mission has been turned on again.
  • The PvP Flag turn-off mission can be taken regardless of your level.
  • If you attack someone who has their PvP flag turned on, you are also flagged for PvP for five minutes, then the flag expires.
  • If you attack someone who has their PvP flag turned on, but you do so within a PvP hotspot where you could have attacked them anyway, then you do not get PvP flagged.

Missions Edit

Misc Edit

  • Fixed a crash in the database crawler server that happened on shutdown.
  • European Commendations weren't supposed to be tradeable. Fixed that.

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