Differences between and

This build is mostly identical to build, whose release notes are here:

Patch Note:

The only changes in build are:


  • Reduced the prices that Junk Dealer NPCs pay for slot-specific outfitting to reconcile them with the new x5 production output. This fixes an exploit where you could make outfitting items and sell them to Junk Dealers at a profit.
  • Variant ship recipes that take a ship deed as an input now output a single deed. This affects the following ships:
'Algiers' Mastercraft Xebec
'Algiers' Sleek Xebec
'Bermuda' Mastercraft Sloop
'Capricieux' Heavy Frigate
'Capricieux' Mastercraft Frigate
'Cerberus' Heavy Frigate
'Cerberus' Mastercraft Frigate
'Curieuse' Heavy Snow
'Defiant' Mastercraft Frigate
'Defiant' Sleek Frigate
'Dolphyn' Heavy Ketch
'Halifax' Mastercraft Schooner
'Hermes' Mastercraft Packet-Boat
'Hermes' Sleek Packet-Boat
'La Belle' Heavy Corvette
'La Belle'Mastercraft Corvette
'Lexington' Mastercraft Brig
'Locust' Mastercraft Corvette
'Locust' Sleek Corvette
'Mediator' Heavy Cutter
'Mediator' Mastercraft Cutter
'Mignone' Mastercraft Indiaman
'Myrmidon Heavy Frigate
'Myrmidon' Mastercraft Frigate
'Oliphant' Mastercraft Indiaman
'Raa' Heavy Frigate
'Raa' Mastercraft Frigate
'Raa' Sleek Frigate
'Stralsund' Mastercraft Frigate

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