Differences between and

The primary reason for rushing this build out is to get the pre-wipe goodies ready for you. They’re going to be in the Regional Auction Houses. They won’t appear there until we flip a switch at Flying Lab Master Control right before the stress test starts at 5pm Pacific time.

Differences between and include but aren’t limited to:

  • New characters start with 1 million doubloons. Old characters get 1 million doubloons upon logging in for the first time after this change. You only get this once per character.
  • A new item has been added in the category 'Consumable Items: General' in Regional Auction Houses, called 'Improbable Tales of Swashbuckling Adventure'. When used, it gives the user 200k experience. (We cannot increase your level more than once per XP-gain event. Once you use the XP-gain item, you should go out to an avatar combat mission and kill stuff. You’ll get one level per kill until you catch up to your XP gain.)
  • We’ll be adding a bunch of ships to Regional Auction houses at what should be relatively cheap prices. Purchase w/ your 1M new doubloons and enjoy! The supply of these ships is limited – we want to test the impact of an initial round of SOLs and other high-end vessels on the game which means we don’t actually want all or even most players to get them immediately. We will add additional rounds of these ships to the beta between now and the wipe so they’ll become more and more common.
  • We’re adding a bunch of cheap outfitting and consumables to the regional auction houses. These are infinitely available so you can buy them whenever you want up until the wipe.
  • In certain missions, if you kill the escorts before boarding the enemy, you wouldn’t be able to exit the encounter when you won. Fixed that.
  • Fixed another zone server crash.

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