This build fixes another common crash with the harbor master UI and a bunch of server crashes. Please try crashing the harbor master some more, verify the other fixes, and just test general stability. We’re hoping you get fewer sudden loading screens while in missions and ad hocs, since those usually mean the zone server you were in crashed.

Differences between and include but aren’t limited to:


  • Fixed a problem where logs weren’t always getting written across the cluster’s network.


  • Fixed a client crash in the Dockyard UI. We know of at least one other crash remaining with this feature but this fix resolves a common one.

(For the following server crash fixes, we have replaced the original inscrutable technobabble with Star Trek technobabble.)

  • Fixed a server crash caused when the phase flux capacitor overloaded the transwarp drive.
  • Fixed a server crash that occurs when the positronic convertor subverts the wave distortion field.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by excessive modulation of the lateral transduction coil.


  • Renamed the Local Defense channel to Nation. The Local Defense channel is intended for players of the same nation in the same general region to use for chat, so this rename will facilitate that. The commands changed as well, from /localdefense to /nation and /ld to /n.


  • In Marsh Harbour, “Meet the Dirty Fighting Trainer” for pirates now works. You can complete the mission and receive the swashbuckling respec item.
  • The pirate career ship turn-in missions weren’t accepting captured ship deeds. Now they do.

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