Differences between builds and

Known Issues

  • Sometimes when you exit boarding combat, enemy ships will have vanished and you cannot complete the mission objectives because you can't defeat the vanished ships. We're working on this issue.
  • We have done another round of cleaning up choke points in the Open Sea, which should improve sudden hitching and lag there. There will almost certainly be more such choke points for us to find and fix.

Note: The fixes to the Tutorial and to the Auction House both involved problems with our newly optimized servers on their new screaming-fast hardware being too fast for our poor cache server. So we made changes to the cache server and the way the servers interact with it that we hope will help. These changes affect almost every aspect of the game - we could have broken anything with these changes. Also, we can't thoroughly test these changes internally. So we're depending on you to let us know any problems you find. Thanks!

Changes between and include but aren't limited to:


  • We think we've fixed the problem with the Auction House losing listings. Please let us know if you believe that's not the case.

Open Sea:

  • You can now enter Oranjestad.
  • Many choke points in the Open Sea have been cleaned up so there are fewer places for NPCs to get stuck.

Ship Combat:

  • We reduced zoning invincibility from 180 seconds to 45 seconds. In PvP players were waiting for InCombat to expire (after 60 seconds) and then exiting the encounter before any combat took place. This will give their opponent a 15 second window in which to attack them to keep them in combat. This affects all zoning, FYI, not just zoning into ship spaces.
  • When a fort defeats an NPC in a mission, we now count that NPC's defeat in the encounter objectives.
  • Revisions to loot drops: Reduced chances to drop outfitting, consumables, and books slightly; hull patches drop more often; cleanup for the ammo drops; and added Bronze Round and Explosive Round to the ammo drops at ranks 30 and 45 respectively.


  • We think we've fixed the problem in the Tutorial where you don't receive the weapon you need to complete the Avatar Combat portion.
  • Commendation missions are available now.
  • Missions where you have to chase down and stop a ship from reaching its destination should now be easier. In some of those missions (such as Roving Eye), the NPC's starting point is now farther away from the target.
  • "Rotten to the Core" should work now.
  • "Fire as they Bear" should give the appropriate rewards now.
  • Many text fixes to many missions.


  • We tweaked some settings on our firewall that we hope will improve the lag.

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