Differences between and

The purpose of this update is two-fold:

  1. Get some port contention fixes to you.
  2. Test housing our updater in a new facility.

Let us know if you have an unusual experience downloading the patch – if it takes more or less time than what you’re used to. It’s not a big patch so it should go pretty quickly.

Differences between and include:

  • The code fix for the problem with no nation being able to put more than two ports into contention at a time. We’d worked around this via a hack in the last couple builds but now we’ve actually fixed it.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented you from receiving an invitation to a port battle if you happened to be zoning when it went out.
  • Fixed the bug that enabled you to put ports into contention during the 24-hour treaty period after server victory.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented kill credit from being attributed during a port battle until the sunk player returned to town. This should fix the exploit of a sunk player dragging a battle out for dang ever by not exiting encounter.

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