Differences between build and

The primary purpose of this build was to get more landmark contention/ server victory bug fixes to you. Fixed a couple other things while we're at it.

Differences between and

  • Fixed a bug in the contention point ceiling due to the three port limit.
  • Fixed a bug in how we calculate points when a port was in PvP but the landmark battle hadn't occurred yet. (This fixes the problem with the Golden Lake situation on 4/30.)
  • Increased the side limit for each side in the landmark battle to 25.
  • Reworded the text for a port entering open PvP to be less repetitive.
  • Increased the PvP radius of almost all Highland ports. Exceptions were made to keep Pirate Noob1 safe. In some cases the Pirate PvP area will also be larger in proportion to the PvP area than it was before.
  • Fixed the crash clicking on a toolbar button that used to be there but is now an X.
  • The Halifax Schooner now has 1 durability and cannot be built. This allows people to actually get free default ships without having to deliberately scuttle their ships.

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