Differences between and

We had a few goals with this build:

  1. Turn off Boarding in PvP because it was way out of balance.
  2. Get some tuning changes out to you so you can test them.
  3. Fix some bugs in the port conquest system.

We fixed a few other things while we were at it.

Known Issue: There were some errors during our testing that imply some of you may have lost something – a skill, an item, a recipe, we’re not sure what. If you think you lost something when we moved from Beta to Testbed, log a GM Request in the support system stating what it was and we’ll see what we can figure out.

Differences between and include:

  • We’ve turned off Boarding in PvP. Boarding in PvP will be available again when we hook up Swashbuckling Boarding (which is in the tuning/bug fix phase now so should be in the next major update).
  • Revamped cannons to use 3 accuracy points instead of 2. Long range accuracy should now be functional. The Character Sheet accuracy values are outdated.
  • Reduced the bonus to hit ships based on size.
  • Cut the weight of ammo in half.
  • Ships below level 10 can’t lose their last two guns per side.
  • Increased damage to Fort guns so they lose guns faster than ships.
  • Reduced other Fort stats to make them easier to take down.
  • Restricted non-civilian Merchant ships to Freetraders. Restricted SOLs to Navy.
  • Increased the sail integrity of warship variants
  • Increased the speed of larger ships on the Open Sea.
  • Fixed a bug in the global wind settings. This improves the sailing performance of all ships in both the Open Sea and in encounters.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Stralsund and the Flute easier to hit.
  • Reduced the capacity of the civilian merchant ships to approximately 60% of the regular version.
  • Increased the capacity of the Oliphant to 1000.
  • Increased the sail integrity on the Brig.
  • Slightly increased the Running and Beam Reach speeds on the Stralsund, MC Stralsund and Sleek Defiant.
  • Changed the top deck guns on the Raa from 9lb to 4lb.
  • Fixed the graphical scale of the cannons on the La Belle.
  • Fixed a bug with invitations not being sent for some Landmark Battles.
  • Fixed a bug where a surrendering NPC wouldn’t give you Landmark Unrest points you deserved.
  • Added the Naval Ships book to the books loot table. Shoulda been there already.
  • Fixed a mission server crash that could result when the group leader and the mission owner were out of sync.

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