Differences between and

There are two goals for this build:

  1. Fix some server crashes
  2. Enable more testing to be done (and fun to be had) given that the missions are so borked.

Differences between and include:

  • Losing a battle in the PvP test room in Tortuga no longer causes you to lose durability. We mean it this time.
  • Quadrupled XP from sinking NPC ships in the Open Sea. This change is a temporary hack to help you level until we get the missions fixed. We are NOT DONE tuning XP. Actually, we’re not even started good yet.
  • Drastically slowed unrest decay (by an order of magnitude) and increased the unrest generated by sinking ships by 5x. This should enable more PvP in beta. Yes, we know many ports do not have the national ships you need to take your port back. That isn’t changing for a while longer.
  • Fixed a mission server crash that sometimes occurred when folks grouped to do missions.
  • Increased the XP tail. You now get XP for killing NPCs as many as 14 levels below you. If you’re level 50, you’ll get XP from defeating ships of level 36 or above. This should make grouping with lower level players to help them do missions more rewarding.
  • Added career skills respec to the junk buyer.
  • Added round, bar, and langridge loose ammo to the junk buyer. Buying your ammo in crates from other players via auctions is still a better deal, but when you need ammo, you can always buy some.
  • It was sometimes possible to see and purchase another player’s flags/sails in the shop. Fixed.
  • Fixed a zone server crash that could occur when there was network lag while trying to view UC flags/sails in the shop.
  • Fix to a zone server crash that we think was pretty rare but happened at least once in the last week.

Known Issues:

  • We hope we’ve fixed some of the problems where you go to turn in a completed mission and the NPC fails to acknowledge your achievement and the mission shows up twice in your list but we’re not really sure since we never repro’d it in house. If you continue to experience this, please log it with a screenshot of your mission list and the local map as well as your game log.
  • Regardless of whether we’ve fixed that, we have not fixed the missions that lead you to a dead-end. See Rev’s post for an update on those.
  • Society Message of the Day doesn't work. Society chat works and System MOTD works.
  • Sometimes you don't get a HUD message when you win a battle, finish a mission, etc.

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