Differences between and

The purpose of this build was to fix three bugs in the Auction Houses that were going to completely break the economy.

  • If you started the economy tutorial and your friend listed an item in that town's auction house while you were in the tutorial, his listing would be lost when you exited the tutorial. Lost listings = Bad. Fixed that.
  • If there was a normal listing and an infinite listing for the same thing, buying from the normal listing confused the auction house. Confused listings = Bad. Fixed that. Note that this fix required us to wipe the database again.
  • Removed warehouse deeds from the automatic AH listings (we don't use those deeds anymore). Added iron ingots to the bootstrap listings (oops).

We've also fixed the User Content bug. You should be able to access your flags and sails now.

Beyond these changes, see the Release Notes for Build and Release Notes for Build for more info on what's new and other known issues.

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