- Arrow keys work for movement and are permanently bound that way. WASD also controls movement but those keys can be rebound.

- The camera keyboard controls have moved to the numeric keypad:

  8 & 2: Zoom in/Zoom out
  4 & 6: Orbit left/Orbit right
  9 & 3: Tilt down/Tilt up
  7 & 1: Dolly up/Dolly down
  0: Reset to default camera position
  Shift, Ctrl, Alt: These still modify camera speed.
  All of these are rebindable as you like.

- Because we got the camera controls off the main keyboard, we also bound keys to toggle every window in the windows palette:

  K: Character
  Y: Skills & Recipes
  J: Missions
  M: Map
  L: Social
  I: Inventory
  G: Buildings

You can rebind all of these to whatever you want.

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