Ingot, Iron
Ingot, Iron
Type Manufactured
Weight 1
Produced By Smelt Iron
Advanced Iron Smelting
Used By Bundle Unrest Supplies: Metal

Advanced Anchor Forging
Advanced Cannon Construction
Advanced Huge Cannon Construction
Colossal Grappling Cannons 1
Colossal Perfected Cannons 1
Colossal Raider's Guns 1
Craft Bar Shot
Craft Barrel
Craft Canister Shot
Craft Chain Shot
Craft Grapeshot
Craft Round Shot
Craft Small Arms
Craft Star Shot
Forge Cannon (Huge)
Forge Cannon (Large)
Forge Cannon (Medium)
Forge Cannon (Small)
Forge Cannon (Very Small)
Forge Iron Fittings
Forge Nails
Forge Swivel Gun
Grapple Defenses 1
Grapple Defenses 2
Grapple Defenses 3
Grapple Defenses 4
Grapples and Ladders
Grapples and Ladders, Superior
Heavy Cannon Modification 1
Heavy Cannon Modification 2
Heavy Cannon Modification 3
Huge Grappling Cannons 1
Huge Grappling Cannons 2
Huge Perfected Cannons 1
Huge Perfected Cannons 2
Huge Raider's Guns 1
Huge Raider's Guns 2
Kedge Anchors
Kedge Anchors, Heavy
Large Grappling Cannons 1
Large Grappling Cannons 2
Large Grappling Cannons 3
Large Perfected Cannons 1
Large Perfected Cannons 2
Large Perfected Cannons 3
Large Raider's Guns 1
Large Raider's Guns 2
Large Raider's Guns 3
Medium Grappling Cannons 1
Medium Grappling Cannons 2
Medium Grappling Cannons 3
Medium Grappling Cannons 4
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 1
Medium Long-Barreled Guns 2
Medium Perfected Cannons 1
Medium Perfected Cannons 2
Medium Perfected Cannons 3
Medium Perfected Cannons 4
Medium Raider's Guns 1
Medium Raider's Guns 2
Medium Raider's Guns 3
Medium Raider's Guns 4
Small Grappling Cannons 1
Small Grappling Cannons 2
Small Grappling Cannons 3
Small Grappling Cannons 4
Small Long-Barreled Guns 1
Small Long-Barreled Guns 2
Small Perfected Cannons 1
Small Perfected Cannons 2
Small Perfected Cannons 3
Small Perfected Cannons 4
Small Raider's Guns 1
Small Raider's Guns 2
Small Raider's Guns 3
Small Raider's Guns 4

Ingots of pig iron.

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