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Hit And Run (skill)
Hit and Run
Careers Cutthroat
Skill Trees Survival (Cutthroat)
Aggression (Privateer)
Target Enemy
Range 450y
Duration 1 minute
Morale Cost 20
Reset Timer 5 minutes
Cooldown category none
Level Cutthroat Level 4
Privateer Level 4
Skills Cutthroat requires Plug Leaks
Privateer requires Burst of Speed
(this info is based on version

Attack. Increases your speed and maneuverability after firing. The effect improves with each shot that hits in a single broadside (up to maximum +15% speed and acceleration).


Bonus Amount
First Hit Bonus 3
Per-hit Bonus 1
Maximum Hits 9
Maximum Ship Speed, Battle +1.25%
Ship Acceleration +1.25%

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