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Expert Captain (skill)
Expert Captain
Career Freetrader
Skill Tree Career
Target self
Range n.a.
Duration 5 minutes
Morale Cost 20
Reset Timer 30 minutes
Cooldown category Expertise
Level 50
Skills Expert Gunner
(this info is based on version

You can turn over command to your hired captain, who will lead the crew in more effective battle strategies.


Bonus Amount
Maximum Ship Speed, Battle +5%
Ship Acceleration +15%
Turn Rate, All +15%
Grappling Defense +10
Damage +5%
Reload Rate +5%
Accuracy, All +2
Repair Port Armor 20%
Repair Starboard Armor 20%
Repair Bow Armor 20%
Repair Stern Armor 20%
Repair Hull 20%
Repair Bowsprit 20%
Repair Foremast 20%
Repair Mainmast 20%
Repair Mizzenmast 20%


This skill can be obtained through the Career storyline.

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