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Claim Prize Ship (skill)
Claim Prize Ship
Careers Privateer
Navy Officer
Skill Trees Career (Privateer)
Career (Freetrader)
Career (Naval)
Target Derelict
Range 100 yards
Duration n.a.
Morale Cost n.a.
Reset Timer 30 seconds
Cooldown category none
Level 5
(this info is based on version

Seize a target derelict ship as a prize ship. It will be sent back to port with a skeleton crew, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.


Freetraders and Privateers receive a Pennant (Large or Small), a Commendation (Justice, Skill, or Honor), or a Seal (Gold or Silver).

Navy Officers receive a Commendation.

Type is based on level of ship claimed.

Commendations and Pennons can be exchanged at your Nation's capital.

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