Locust 400
'Locust' Corvette
A Level 15, 22-gun Medium Scout
Historical rating: 16-gun Unrated Ship
These parameters determine how your ship sails.
Max Speed: Maximum Speed
How fast your ship can move in battles. Improving battle speed does not improve Open Sea speed.

Acceleration: Acceleration
Determines how fast the ship gains speed.

Deceleration: Deceleration
Determines how fast the ship loses speed. Lower values are better if you want to maintain speed, higher values are better if you want to stop quickly.

Turning (Fast): Fast Turn Rate
The Ship's turn rate in degrees per second. This is how fast the ship turns if it is moving at maximum speed.

Turning (Slow): Slow Turn Rate
The Ship's turn rate in degrees per second. This is how fast the ship turns if it is moving at a speed of at least 4 knots.

Turning Accel: Max Turning Acceleration
This shows how fast a ship accelerates into a turn. The higher the value, the faster the ship reaches its maximum turn rate.

Turning Decel: Min Turning Deceleration
Ships gradually suffer less deceleration as they turn. This shows a minimum amount of deceleration a ship has when turning. Lower numbers (relative to other acceleration stats) are better.

Best Point: Best Point
The wind angle at which the ship can attain its maximum speed. The wind comes from angle 0o, and angle 180o is running with the wind at your back.
Capacity: Capacity
How many units of cargo the ship can hold.

O.S. Visibility: Open Sea Visibility
How far away other ships will spot you on the open sea.

O.S. Spotting: Open Sea Spotting
Increases your spotting range, allowing you to detect ships beyond their O.S. Visibility.

Crew: Crew
The maximum number of crew on your ship. Shows the fighting strength of your crew.

Target Tracking: Target Tracking
Reduces the accuracy penalties you suffer due to your movement and your target's movement. Improves your chance to hit fast moving ships.


15 ( Medium)
LEVEL (SIZE): Level and Size
The level required to use this ship, and the size of the hull.

DURABILITY: Durability
The number of ships you have left. Decreases by 1 whenever the ship is defeated in combat (with the exception of skirmish).

INSURANCE VALUE: Insurance Value
Amount of doubloons you will receive for this ship if she is sunk or scuttled.
The ship's Health stats show how much damage it can sustain.
Hull: Hull (Structure)
The internal structure of your ship. When your structure runs out, your ship sinks.

Port: Port (Left)
The ship's port armor. Armor facings protect the ship's hull.

Stbd: Starboard (Right)
The ship's starboard armor. Armor facings protect the ship's hull.

Bow: Bow (Front)
The ship's bow armor. Armor facings protect the ship's hull.

Stern: Stern (Rear)
The ship's stern armor. Armor facings protect the ship's hull.

Sails: Sails & Masts
Shows how much damage the ship's sails and masts can sustain. Ships lose speed as they take sail damage.
Integ. Integrity
The ship's Integrity stats show how much damage it can sustain.
DR Damage Reduction
Shows how much the ship's armor reduces the damage it receives.
These change your chance to hit, chance to get hit and the damage you take.
Sails: Sails
Offense, defense and resistance values for your ship's sails and masts.

Crew: Crew
Offense, defense and resistance values for your ship's crew.

Bow: Bow (Front)
Offense, defense and resistance values for your ship's bow armor.

Stern: Stern (Rear)
Offense, defense and resistance values for your ship's stern armor.

Sides: Broadsides (Left & Right)
Offense, defense and resistance values for your ship's broadsides.

Grapple: Grappling
Grappling offense makes it easier to board ships. Grappling defense protects you against hostile boarding attempts.
OFF Offense
Offensive modifiers are a percentage increase to your chance to hit. The numbers here include any benefits from 'Accuracy, All' items.
DEF Defense
Defensive modifiers are a percentage decrease to the chance enemies will hit you. The numbers here include any benefits from 'Defense, All' items.
RES Resistance
Resistance is a percentage reduction in the damage you take.
The guns on your ship are divided into batteries. Guns within a single battery are identical and are controlled as a group.
Type Quantity & Weight
This shows number and size of the guns in the battery. Heavier guns do more damage, have longer range and penetrate armor better. Lighter guns reload faster and are better at dealing sustained damage against unarmored targets.
Reload Reload
The time it takes to reload the entire battery of guns, in seconds.
Damage Maximum Damage
This shows how much damage each cannon can do at minimum range using heavy round shot. Damage gradually decreases as your target gets farther away.
Range Maximum Range
This shows how far the cannons can fire heavy round shot. Other ammo types modify this range.
Acc Accuracy
This shows the cannon's percentage chance to hit a standard target at 200 or 400 yards away. The chance to hit is increased based on target size, and decreases based on movement.
200 / 400 Accuracy
This shows the cannon's percentage chance to hit a standard target at 200 or 400 yards away. The chance to hit is increased based on target size, and decreases based on movement.
Swivels: Swivel guns fire anti-personnel shot, spraying enemy decks with a lethal cloud of musket-balls. 4x 1/2lb 5.5s 8.0 125y -- / --
Topdeck:16x 8lb 20.5s 28.0 750y 148 / 156
Aft guns: Guns in the back of the ship, also known as sternchasers. 2x 8lb 20.5s 28.0 750y 148 / 156
Upwind & Luffing
30% - 40%
5.96 - 7.94 knots
14.89 knots
14.89 knots
17.37 knots87.5%
87.5%17.37 knots
19.85 knots
19.85 knots
17.87 knots
Open Sea Speed: 61
Information based on version Current game version is

Combat Level

Combat Level: 20


  • The correct "Polars" and "Open Sea Speed" remain unavailable at this time.


Berlin 1674


The 'Locust' Model is based on the Frigate 'Berlin'. The Berlin was one of the first "charter ships" that the organizers of the Brandenburg Navy put at the disposal of Prince Frederick William -- who started Brandenburg on its transformation into Prussia -- and the ship was, in those days, called a frigate. Built in 1674 at the Zeeland dockyards, she had a length of only 80 feet, a width of 22 feet, and an armament of 16 guns, and so was too small to be classified as what we now think of as an 18th-century frigate.

The Berlin was, however, highly successful in her day. With her crew of between 70 - 100 men, the Berlin, commanded by the Dutch Captain C. Reers, performed remarkable service between 1675 and 1680: an attack on the Swedish fortress of Karlsburg; the pursuit and overpowering of the French corsair frigate La Royale de Dunquerque; the capture of the Swedish ships Leoparden, Diederik, and Maria in the Baltic Sea; the defeat of another Swedish ship, Enhorn; escort duty to protect the transit of the Brandenburg Army from Peenemunde to the Rugen islands; and then the momentous capture of the 50-gun Spanish vessel Carolus 2nd. For a 16-gun ship to capture a 50-gun ship was unheard of at that time, and is an amazing feat in any era. The Berlin proved the worth of her design and the merits of her crew again and again.

Strategy and Use

The corvette is the class of ship just below a frigate. She has a solid mixture of speed, maneuverability, firepower and defense.

A workhorse for the navy, it is often treated as a mini-frigate when using real frigates is impossible, unwise, or impractical. The 'Locust' packs sixteen guns onto its small but sturdy gundeck, making it a fierce opponent in battle. Its sail plan is extensive, carrying topgallants on its fore and main, and though it pays for this complexity with the crew required to sail it, the result is the admirable sailing qualities of the ship-rig on a vessel small enough to still be quick and maneuverable.


Corvettes are in the enviable position of being able to escape from those vessels they cannot defeat. They are more than a match for similarly sized vessels, and they have almost all the maneuverability and draft advantages of the agile sloops and schooners. They do not, however, have a fore-and-aft rig, and should be aware that she cannot sail as close to the wind as ships that are fore and aft rigged.

In fact, xebecs are probably the vessels that Master and Commanders should be most concerned with. The xebec, despite its larger size, is equally fast and nimble, and its comparable armament demands vigilance. Though larger, the xebec's hull is more fragile, and Corvettes would do well to keep the engagement at cannon-ranges, preventing their sleek opponents from closing to boarding range where their large crew capacity could come to bear.

Arch-rival aside, the Locust is a fierce and capable light warship, able to capture and sink both smaller warships and larger merchantmen. Its solid construction allows it to stand up and support larger comrades in attack and defense, and its excellent sailing qualities give it the ability to both ambush and flee. In all respects it is a fine vessel, and is the perfect stepping stone for any Master and Commander working to make Captain.


Other variants of the Locust:

Comparable Ships

The Locust has many relatives. As a ship-rigged vessel, it is directly related to its galleon ancestors. The older 16-gun design bears a strong family resemblance, though it has lost the characteristic exposed stern balcony. Those who think they would enjoy commanding a Corvette but would like to focus on trading should seek out a small galleon.

In almost all ways, the Corvette is simply a smaller variant of the strong and glamorous frigate.

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • A full ship-rig: square sails on all three masts, with topgallants on its fore and main, and a lateen mizzen.
  • Relatively high stern, compared to more modern designs.
  • High walls around the topdeck provide more protection for the crew than most modern ships.
  • A very impressive broadside weight for its size and draft.



Version History

( 2014-03-04

  • Changed cannon battery stats
  • Cannon accuracy figures to be included in an upcoming hotfix patch

( 2013-03-24

  • Changed Sailing and Range Stats

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